Start an online business whilst working 9 to 5

start a drop shipping business - intelligent buyer

Regular jobs are great for many reasons, but sometimes you want to try something extra to earn some extra money on the side. If you want to start your own online business you don’t need to leave your regular job, you can squeeze a few extra hours in the mornings or evenings and set up your side hustle. We have put together an action plan to get the drop shipping ball rolling!

Step One – Warm Up

Before you jump at the opportunity you need to think about available resources and your own lifestyle and to help you we have the following questions which will help you on your way.

  • How much time can you actually dedicate to this side hustle every day?
  • Do you have your own access to a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone?
  • Where will you work?

Step Two – Research

Once you have honestly worked out how much time and available resources you have then you can start to develop your drop shipping side hustle into a small business plan.

  • With drop shipping as a potential idea, you have no worries about manufacturing, stock holding or dispatch. The only thing stopping you is finding the product(s) amongest the 100’s of thousands available to choose from, you need to find the product or range which suits you
  • What new skills will you need to learn to start this business that you have chosen?

Step Three – Launch !!

Now you have decided on your products for your drop shipping store, now its time to take action and get the ball rolling. Make a plan of what needs done with realistic time frames, scheduling your work around your current job. Items that you need help with you can outsource with Fivver, Upwork or other online services. These sites can help you with company branding / logos, advertising banners etc. You can build the website yourself and install the drop shipping plugin or you can get an all in one drop shipping package to include design, domain name and hosting.

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