What is Drop Shipping

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What is Drop Shipping? Drop shipping is a means of listing wholesalers products on your website for sale and selling them to customers. The customer orders and pays you for the products from your website and you in turn order the products with the wholesaler who deliveries the goods directly to your customer. The difference between the customer buy price and the wholesaler price is your profit from the sale. Sounds simple? Well it actually is.

Drop shipping means no stock holding on your behalf so no inventory costs, no courier charges or organising of couriers and packaging costs. So all in all lower startup costs from starting the traditional eCommerce website or a high street shop.

So if you have an product or product range in mind and want to start an eCommerce website then the AliExpress drop shipping system is worth investigating further. They have 100 million products available from 100 thousand trusted suppliers and also offer free worldwide delivery on the products. They offer two systems for Alidropship with AliExpress.

The first is a custom built website to your specific requirements. You work with the Alidropship web team and discuss your requirements and and within a few days you will have a ready to run eCommerce website. Prices start from approximately £250 for the basic shop with a maximum listing of 50 products, £400 for the advanced solution with 100 products or the ultimate at £800 for 200 products. Hosting of this new website can either be carried out by Alidropship for approximately £40 per year or you can hosting the site with your own provider.

The second option is the Alidropship WordPress plugin which bolts onto an existing WordPress website and uses the WooCommerce shop platform. Once the plugin is activated you can then import products directly into your website to sell. All product imports can be modified anyway you wish, you decide on product price markups and sell the products.

So if you have always wanted your own eCommerce website and have an idea in mind for your products, the drop shipping with the Alidropship custom store solution is the easiest and most cost effective method for £250.

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